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Q: My door won’t go up!
A: The most likely cause of a door that won’t go up is a broken spring.

Q: The motor runs, but nothing happens!
A: Most likely caused by a worn out gear inside the opener or a sheared off sprocket at the top.

Q: Does the Door Doctor refinish doors?
A: No, we found that the work is very labor intensive and cannot be done without harsh chemicals. We can make some recommendations though.

Q: Does my paint have lead?
A: If your home was built after 1978, then it most likely is ok. Homes older than 1965 commonly used lead paint. You can check here.

Q: Are you lead paint certified?
A: Yes.

Q: I bought a door from another vendor. Can you install it?
A: If it is at least of reasonable quality, yes. We won’t install something that is really just junk.

Q: Is there anyway to tell how old my springs are?
A: Maybe – sometimes

how to check age of springs

Casting date of torsion spring

Casting date of torsion spring

Year springs was made check the aluminum cone

Year springs was made
check the aluminum cone

There are casting dates on the aluminum ends of the springs. In most cases the springs were installed within 1 year of this date. (e.g. we routinely install new springs w/ last year’s casting dates on them – but this doesn’t affect their life, only # of cycles)