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Door won’t go up

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First thing to do:
1. Look:
A. Above almost all sectional garage door there are one or more springs. Can you see about a 2″ gap somewhere in any of the springs?
If Yes: You have a broken spring. Broken spring dublin ca

This is the same one after being repaired – Not broken.
Not broken spring pleasanton ca

About broken springs:
This is not something you can fix yourself. If you are in our area, read on, then give us a call.
Springs are rated in cycles. You get so many cycles out of them and then they break. It’s an issue with metal fatigue. Most factory springs are rated for around 10,000 cycles. This lasts most people between 5-12 years, with about 7 years being the most common life.
We offer standard and High cycle springs. Our replacement springs are rated the same or better than factory and our High cycle springs are about double or 20,000 cycles (double warranty too)

Before you call, grab a tape measure, and measure the height of your door. No really. Right now. we’ll wait. …

Different doors take different springs and taller doors require different and (more expensive) springs. Most common is 7′ tall. We need to know approximately so we can give you a better estimate on the phone and make certain that our technician has the correct parts.

B. Cables on? Also above the door on the sides are little cables that wind up on a spool or drum. If one of these has come off, that’s bad. DO NOT TRY TO OPEN OR CLOSE THE DOOR. (SEE FAIL)

2. Listen:
Does the motor run w/o the chain or belt moving? A common problem with liftmaster/chamberlain/sears openers is that they have a little gear that wears out. If your opener has electric safety eyes at the bottom of the door then this is repairable and will last you years to come.

3. If everything else is ok, try operating the door by hand, Don’t hurt yourself, it should come up without too much trouble.

3. DO NOT EVER ADJUST THE OPENER TRAVEL LIMITS. If the door was working fine for years, these didn’t just magically go out of adjustment. Something else is wrong.