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Door won’t go down

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Most common problems when a door won’t go down.
When you pressed the button, did the opener lights blink at you? Can you hold the button down to make the door go down?
-Yes – There is a problem with the photoelectric eyes.
A. Something is blocking the beam,
B. Either the sender or receiver is misaligned (kicked) – A blinking or flickering light is always bad. Wiggle the bracket the eyes are attached to, maybe just it is loose or the slightest bit of movement may cause the light to blink.
c. Power is out or power to the eye is out broken wire / pinched staple

Does the motor run but no movement? On a chain drive opener, it probably needs a gear replaced inside. On a screw drive it probably needs the trolley that engages into the screw replaced.

Cable off. (bad)