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5 things you need to do right now on your garage door


1. Remove Any Shovels or Brooms from the corners near the tracks.broom caught in garage door tracks

A bumped shovel can knock the whole door off the tracks.  This is one of the VERY bad things that is easily preventable.

2. Figure out how to use the red handle in case the power goes out.
The red handle
If you have trouble with this, there’s an article for that.

3. Remove the slidelock
Slidelock jammed

On doors with automatic openers only, having a slidelock is a landmine waiting for someone to bump into it. It can knock the door off the tracks and just ruin everybody’s day. Almost all automatic openers are strong enough that they can’t be forced back by a bad guy, so if you are leaving on vacation, it’s fine. If you are worried about someone getting your remote, just unplug the opener while you are on vacation (or use the lock button on the wall control if so equipped). Remove the thing entirely and let the steel recyclers do something more useful with it.


4. Check the balance on the door
Starting with the door in the down position, operate the door by hand, bring it up to waist level. If it falls, it needs adjustment and you need to call us. That’s it. Your opener will wear out much quicker w/ a door that is out of balance.

5. Check the kickback force
The manufacturers recommend placing a 2×4 underneath the center of the door (usually).
See our article on this for a detailed walk-through.

For more reading, see the Maintenance article